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Get creative. Blend your own coffee

It’s a cold Sunday afternoon in July. You have invited friends over for coffee and cake. However, this is not a just any coffee and cake.

You have a new hobby and you need objective, constructive and hopefully positive feedback. And you know you can trust your friends to do just that – to be completely in awe of your creativity.

You gather around the fireplace, sink into the soft couches and get ready for great conversation.

And then you serve the showstopper: Your very own signature blend of java!

They are suitably impressed, sing your praises and want to know how you do it.

If you are ready to give your secret away, here’s what you tell to devise their own blend of coffee at home.

  1. Start with the coffee that you like.
  2. The next step is to consider what you would like to add. Does it need more body? What about cocoa or something sweet? Now choose a second coffee that offers your preferred flavour.
  3. You can choose up to five coffees to add to the mix. Experts recommend, however, that you don’t blend more than five different kinds of coffees as it cancels out the benefits of blending.
  4. Now make a cup of each of your coffees and keep them hot.
  5. When all the samples are ready, start the mixing process. Remember to keep a list of the ratios. Now taste. If you want more body, add more of the full-bodied coffee sample, for example.
  6. When you find your perfect cup of blended java, mix roasted beans using the same ratios. Now brew more of the same and taste if it still has the qualities you find soothing.

Remind your friends that coffee blending is a fine art and not for the faint-hearted. If you want to become a master at this craft, be playful, creative and adventurous!

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