When the unforeseen happens and you have to claim, H&L endeavours to help you get back to business as usual.

Your involvement and assistance in the claims procedure will help to keep your doors open and limit inconvenience to your clients, visitors and guests.

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How to claim

  1. To register your new claim, please send an email to
  2. You will be assigned a claim number within 24 hours and requested to submit the relevant supporting documentation.
  3. Complete all the documentation and submit the formulated claim within 30 days of the loss.

Vital claims information

  • Always take all necessary and reasonable action to prevent or minimise the loss.
  • Keep any damaged property (salvage) for the H&L underwriter.
  • Always report any incident involving criminal activity to your local SAPS and obtain a case reference number.
  • Never admit to your potential liability. Refer any correspondence in this regard directly to H&L.
  • Complete the claim form fully and legibly. It must be dated and signed by the insured client or their authorised representative.
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Documents needed

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready when you submit your claim. We’ve listed the information required for the different types of claims below:

Lightning/power surge claim


  • Detailed damage report specific to cause of damage and name the parts damaged.
  • Irrespective of the damage repairable or not above is a requirement.
  • Report on the protective measures to prevent/minimise the lightning/power surge.
  • Recommendations to prevent/minimise future losses.
  • Proof of ownership, especially original purchase invoices.
  • Any offers from insured/supplier to retain/buy the salvage.
  • At least two independent repair/replacement quotations.

Geyser claims


  • Detailed damage report required and specific on cause of damage.
  • Details of the burst geyser are a must, for example year of manufacture.
  • Details of the new geyser are required too.
  • Comments on the installation of the geyser/geysers are required. 
  • Resultant damage must be included



  • Bilking claims are increasing and ranging from credit card fraud to simply disappearing without notice. Some guests also resort to stealing property in the rooms or damaging the property. The client must scrutinise the details of the guest. Here are some tips: 
  • Always insist on deposit to confirm the booking and the balance on arrival.
  • Request some form of identification.
  • Always insist on cash when it comes to food and beverages at the entity.
  • Inspect the rooms for any damages before the guest leaves.
  • Request a damage fee which is refundable.
  • Encourage helpers to report any damages noticed when cleaning the rooms. 

General All Risks (lost/damaged)


  • SAP (case) number
  • Driver's licence
  • Public Driving Permit (PD