About Us

For the past ten years, Hospitality and Leisure (H&L) has been offering customised and quality insurance product to businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry. We have made it our mission to learn all there is to know about our chosen insurance sector, to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, and to make sure that our product offering stays fresh and strong.

And when things change – as they inevitably do – we promptly respond. An example of our ever-evolving cover options is that we now offer a product to protect businesses against cybercrime – a real risk in the digital age, and one to which hotels are increasingly fallen victim.

Not only are our cover options for establishments in the hospitality and leisure industry advanced and world-class, but our service also gets five stars. We are well-known for being warm, friendly and inviting. 

We work through hand-picked, FAIS-compliant brokers to distribute our products. We carefully select intermediaries who are passionate about their business and about the hospitality and leisure industry.

H&L’s product range is categorised in six distinct groups: Eateries, Game Farms, Hotels, BnBs, Estates, and Entertainment. Read more here.

Our cover ranges from deterioration of stock, repatriation of wild animals, damage to greens, to cover for geysers.

Whether big or small, we have a solution for your business in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Although we have made sure that we cover every aspect your business, we always welcome suggestions for new cover options. Please contact us with any ideas for cover. 


Our team of experts

Juan Coetzee is leading our team of experts as managing director. H&L has a staff comp

The H&L team of experts

5* Reasons to insure with us

  • You will receive five-star service.
  • You will be insured by the leading underwriter of businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry.
  • Peace of mind that your claims will be paid as H&L is backed by Santam, South Africa's largest insurer.
  • Access to warm, friendly and knowledgeable experts.
  • We are passionate and love what we do!