Keep your retail premises safe this festive season

What attracts people to coffee shops and eateries?

The best thing about a coffee shop, and the main reason people keep coming back for more, should undoubtedly be the coffee. But, is serving good coffee all that it takes to get feet in the door? We think these six elements may help take your establishment from good to great and keep those patrons queuing!

  1. Cleanliness

A spotless shop is not only about clean tables and floors. It also speaks of simple design and décor. A space that is clear of clutter with carefully selected décor items is much more appealing than one that would collect dust and grime easily.

  1. Aroma

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee or newly baked bread? Keep these inviting aromas coming if you want to attract more clients. Be sure not to overuse perfumes, air fresheners or other artificial smells.

  1. Lighting

The mood and function of your shop is determined by lighting. Do people use your space for studying or business meetings? Or do they hang out with friends or dates? Dimmed lighting will make people linger for longer, whereas bright lighting will make them move quicker.

  1. Furniture

A combination of practical and cosy chairs and couches is ideal. Some people like to hide away in a nook or cranny in a soft, comfortable chair, whilst others need to sit up straight and do some work. Be sure to cater for both. And remember, there must not be a bad seat in the house.

  1. Windows

Natural light creates a sense of optimism and positivity. Also, windows allow your customers to people-watch from a safe distance. Choose a space that offers this great natural attraction or break a few walls down if you have to. 

  1. Space

Space equals purpose. If business people are your target market, set up shop to get them in and out quickly. If your guests like to lounge around, make sure you have comfy seats and inviting lighting. 

Please remember that the reopening of all businesses is subject to strict adherence to all health protocols and social distancing measures, as well as directions that are issued by the relevant cabinet minister in your sector.

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