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How to dish up your restaurant on social media

Promoting your restaurant on social media is no longer an option. With 2 billion active Facebook users worldwide, 330 million Twitter fans, and 800 million Instagrammers, your eatery will lose out if you pursue a traditional marketing route only.

And even though the South African market may be small, consider the fact that international tourists, millennials in particular, will scrutinise your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts for images of your dishes, happy diners, and client reviews. Based on your social media presence they will decide whether your restaurant is worth a visit.

Let’s look at a few ways to promote your eatery on your chosen platform. You may, of course, use more than one too.


Create a Facebook business page for your restaurant. Choose a beautiful, relevant picture for the timeline image (size: 851×351 pixels) and include a catchy slogan. If this first impression is excellent, potential fans will want to read on. And probably try out your food too.

Share photos of your signature dishes, kitchen and waiting staff, elegantly laid tables, flower arrangements, or happy diners on this page. Take care not to sell too much. People love helpful hints and tips on dining out, or would enjoy you sharing a secret sauce recipe.

Video is the next best thing in online marketing. It also adds a personal touch. Remember, people do business with people, and if you are the outgoing, social type who is always happy to see new faces, convey this message in a home-made video.

Also, ask your regular clients to write a review. People listen to others’ opinions and it also builds credibility.


Tell your restaurant’s story on Instagram! The year-old “Stories” feature lets you take pictures of moments throughout the day and tell a story. It disappears after 24 hours. It is an awesome way to communicate interesting, fun, and informative facts about your eatery. Instagram’s latest and greatest functionality is Polls. This feature is useful to discover what your followers prefer. For example, do they like their steak with sweet chilli sauce or mushroom sauce.


Twitter is great for tweeting specials, daily deals, or new delicious food items on the menu. Remember to use hashtags when you tweet.

Whichever social media platform you choose to promote your restaurant, make sure you post regularly and consistently. Also, include your logo in all your images to ensure brand recognition.

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