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How to choose linen for your BnB

The brand of a BnB or guesthouse is built on the level and quality of hospitality extended to your guests. Part and parcel of this, is the first impression of the establishment, the individual rooms and even the type of linens that you use.

The quality, colour and style of the bedding, towels and tablecloths project a specific image about your establishment. Neutrals speak of style, luxury and understated elegance. Florals, vibrant colours and checkered tablecloths say make yourself at home and have fun!

Your aim is to exceed expectations and make your guest linger longer and come back for more. Make sure you pick the best of the best when it comes to choosing linens for your BnB or guesthouse. Keep quality and durability in mind. Here are a few tips to help guide you in buying linens.


For comfort and luxury, choose sheets that have a thread count of at least 300 and make sure that the material is 100% natural. White is an economical choice as it does not fade. It also looks fresh and crisp, and gives visitors that feeling of cleanliness. Think twice about white if you cater for small children though!

If you want to add a touch of personality to the rooms, use colours like green and blue. These are popular with both men and women, so no one will feel left out or uncomfortable in a girly pink room or overly masculine interior.


Few things compare to a large, fluffy, soft towel, especially on a cold winter’s day or night. The quality of your towels also speaks volumes about how much you value your guests. A thin, worn-out, discoloured towel won’t get you repeat business. Plush, 100% cotton towels with a dense loop are your best option. Remember, low quality distracts from your guest experience. Hand towels and wash clothes should also be part of your bathroom collection.

Make sure that you co-ordinate the colours of the décor in the bedroom with the colour scheme that you use in the bathroom. It creates an aura and image of professionalism.

Dining rooms

Pretty tablecloths go a long way in making guests feel welcome and comfortable. Not only does it brighten a room, but the food also tastes better! Choose tablecloths that can withstand many washes and treatment with commercial stain removers.

Yellow and orange are beautiful colours for a dining room. Orange has the effect of making people feel more sociable, so your guests will be talkative, vibrant and jovial in a dining room with splashes with this lively colour.

Choosing linens for your BnB or guesthouse may seem unimportant. However, remember that every single aspect and smallest detail can affect your visitors’ experience.

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