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How to be the perfect BnB or guesthouse host

Running a BnB or guesthouse very much depends on your ability to get along with all types of people. Your business success hinges on how well you interact with visitors. The better your connection and hosting skills, the more repeat business and referrals will come your way.

So how does one find the balance between being an over enthusiastic or completely detached host? Here are 10 tips on how to become the perfect BnB or guesthouse host.

  1. Make guests feel welcome at your establishment starts even before they arrive. When you communicate with them from the time they make the booking and even during their stay, they will experience your business as professional. It makes people feel safe when they have all the details about check-in times and other important information beforehand. Make sure you have their cell phone number to stay in touch.
  2. When they arrive, welcome your guests at the front door. Be warm and friendly and make them feel wanted and worthy.
  3. Show guests to their room and offer to carry their luggage. Don’t ask too many questions or force them to tell you their life story. Give them space and time to settle in.
  4. Offer them a light snack and drink after they have unpacked. Be sure to ask whether they want to have it in their room or in your dining area.
  5. Compile an information pack with details about your establishment. Also include maps of and activities in the area, a list of restaurants, and places of interest.
  6. If your guests are celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or they are newlyweds, surprise them with a special touch like breakfast in bed or flowers.
  7. Make sure your visitors know that they should ask if there is something they need, like towels, more pillows, a blanket, and iron and ironing board.
  8. Offer a basket of travel size options of exotic creams and perfumes that they can use and take home.
  9. Make sure you cater for all dietary requirements. Ask your visitors about their preferences before they arrive.
  10. If guests want to get to know you better, be open to it. You are a unique individual and your home, your town and your interests make the stay special.
  11. Remember, word of mouth is the best way to attract more guests and repeat visitors to your BnB or guesthouse. Make a positive impression!

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