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Get your BnB on the map with good food!

The way to a South African’s heart is through…? You guessed it, their tummies! 

South Africans are passionate about cuisine and either rave or complain about the quality (and quantity) of food served at a family gathering, restaurant, and even BnB. In fact, the probability of South Africans raving about the meals instead of the rooms at your BnB is extremely high.

If you dish up good food at your place, there is no doubt that your guests will be impressed and most likely speak about your establishment to their family and friends. The opposite is also true: They will rant for days on end to anybody willing to hear about their unpleasant experience at the breakfast table.

To make sure your BnB guests and visitors come back and refer your establishment to colleagues, friends and family members, here are a few menu ideas to serve up mouth-watering, delectable, note-worthy breakfasts:

  1. Flapjacks are quick and easy to make and only have a few ingredients. When you top them up with a berry compote, mint leaves and syrup, they look like works of art! 
  2. It will take you about 15 minutes to add flair to the traditional French toast with crunchy bacon, rocket and tomato. Don’t forget to add a macon or vegetarian option for those who don’t eat bacon.
  3. Oatmeal is always popular, and it does not have to be traditional. You can add toasted coconuts and diced fresh mango to give it a tropical feel. Greek yogurt and orange marmalade (or any jam) will turn it into a creamy, sweet affair. 

Remember, people eat with their eyes too. Make sure your food is presentable and pretty, and your BnB will be the talk of the town.

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