Keep your retail premises safe this festive season

Gas safety at home: here’s what you need to know

With the onset of winter, and looming electricity hikes, the use of gas appliances has increased quite
a bit. Although gas is safe to use if installed according to regulations, the most common types of
hazards include explosions and fire.

If you’re considering buying a gas stove, or you already have, there are a few safety considerations
to take into account when your gas appliances are installed.

3 Tips to consider when installing gas:

  • Gas bottles may not be installed less than 1m sideways from doors and windows.
  • All copper pipes going through a wall must be sleeved.
  • The installation must be accompanied by a certificate of conformity for gas appliances.

Source: SANS (South African National Standards)

Gas safety tips:

  • Gas equipment and systems must be installed according to SABS requirements (SANS087).
  • When a property is sold where a gas appliance is installed, a certificate of conformity must
    be obtained for the gas system and it must be delivered to the purchaser.
  • Only gas bottles less than 19kg of gas can be stored inside a building.
  • When gas stoves are in use, ensure sufficient ventilation. Do not open the gas flame too high
    and ensure that the gas is turned off properly after each use.

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